Cworld laser marking laser engraving machine

Fiber Laser marking machine

Fiber Laser marking machine, power 20w,30w,50w available .

Laser marking machine Different types available, portable type, split type, cabinet type, customer special designed type

Laser marking machine Product performance

1. Laser marking machineLow cost.

2. Laser marking machineThe service life is more than 100,000 hours.

3. Laser marking machine Small size and easy to move

4. Laser marking machine Low requirements for the using environment (suitable for occasions where temperature changes).

5. Laser marking machine The fiber laser has a waveguide structure with low threshold, good output beam quality and high reliability.

Laser marking machine  application

Auto parts, hardware tools, metal nameplates, gold and silver jewelry, electrical components, lamps and lanterns, leather products, mobile phone accessories, artworks, gifts, etc.

Laser marking machine after-sales service

  Laser marking machine 12Months warranty for the whole machine