Cworld laser marking laser engraving machine

color paper for fiber laser marking machine engraving on ceramic,glass,textile

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Ceramic glass laser marking paper color paper for laser engraving machine laser marking machine


How to use it:

Step1.cut the paper to the size of the marking area (a bit bigger than the marking texts/graphics), and then dip it into water.

Step2. After the paper is soaked, take it out, tear off the colored layer on it.

Step3. Paste the colored layer on ceramic surface where need to be marked

Step4. Wait until the paper completely dry,or you can make it dry quicker with a hair dryer.
Pls Pay attention that: there should be NO un-dried air bubbles inside.

Step5. Mark on the paper with a fiber laser marking machine.

Step6. After marking is done, remove the paper, and you can see the marking on the ceramic.

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