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20W Fiber laser marking machine handheld type

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The fiber laser marking machine uses a fiber laser to output the laser, and then realizes the marking function through a high-speed scanning galvanometer system. The fiber laser marking machine has high electro-optical conversion efficiency and adopts air cooling. The whole machine is small in size, and the output beam quality is good and reliable. High performance; long operating life, energy saving, with high efficiency, long life and maintenance-free superior performance that traditional lasers do not have. This type of laser can engrave metal materials and some non-metal materials, and is mainly used in fields that require high depth, smoothness and fineness, such as mobile phone stainless steel trim, clocks, molds, IC, mobile phone keys and other industries, bitmaps Marking can engrave beautiful pictures on the surface of metal and plastic stools, and the marking speed is 3-12 times that of the traditional first-generation lamp-pumped marking machine and the second-generation semiconductor marking machine.

Using fiber laser to output laser, high electro-optical conversion rate, built-in air cooling, small size, good beam quality, high stability, long life and energy saving.

Product performance and application:
1. Low cost. 2. The service life is more than 100,000 hours. 3. Small size and easy to move 4. Low requirements for the using environment (suitable for occasions where temperature changes). 5. The fiber laser has a waveguide structure with low threshold, good output beam quality and high reliability.,typical application: Auto parts, hardware tools, metal nameplates, gold and silver jewelry, electrical components, lamps and lanterns, leather products, mobile phone accessories, artworks, gifts, etc.
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